There is no trick to getting published. Journals either want your piece or they don’t. There is no sleight of hand. But there is a process to optimize your chances and to reduce the time is takes to get that completed piece into print. We can help.

Welcome to Slant Rhyme. We will make your submission process more efficient and maybe even create a submission process for you, if you don’t have one.

There are many ways into the right journals for you. We will offer many entry points below, but they are also included in the top navigation.

We first need to start with our list.

We believe that writers should be submitting to high quality journals ONLY.

We believe you should only submit to journals that accept digital or email submissions. There is no excuse for hard copy only submissions anymore. It is wasteful and expensive.

We believe you should submit your work simultaneously to multiple journals, and thus, NOT submit to journals that outlaw this practice.

We believe that it is inefficient to suggest journals that are not currently open for submissions. So every journal that has a listing on the site is open for business. New journals will appear when they are open. Journals will come down when their submission windows close.

We believe in removing clicks from your process. We have linked directly to the submission portal page for each genre of open magazines.


These are also in the top navigation.


Check out the Pushcart & Best American Rankings






List of quality niche journals that are looking for specific work

Better hurry

List of journals that will be closing soon

Carry your own leash

Here’s the full alphabetical list if you don’t like advice