Kyoto Journal

Submission Dates: OPEN
Genres: Poetry | Fiction | Non-Fiction
Max Poems/Submission: 3 poems
Max Poetry Length: None specified
Max Fiction Length: 4000 words
Max Non-Fiction Length: 4000 words
Intended for: written by persons from Asia, or ex-pats, and/or a tangible connection Asia

Pushcart Rank Poetry: N/A
Pushcart Rank Fiction: N/A
Pushcart Rank Non-Fiction: 128.2
Best American Poetry Rank: N/A
Best American Short Stories Rank: N/A

Submission Guidelines
Cost to Submit: FREE

—> Submit Poetry through email to Send poems as one attachment MS Word, naming the file KJ poetry[your surname]month year.doc (e.g. KJpoetry_Name_Feb2011.doc)
—> Submit Fiction through email to Send as MS Word attachment.
—> Submit Essays through email to Send as MS Word attachment.

Stated Response Time: None specified