We have a couple tools that we use to track submissions. Essentially, they are spreadsheets set up for you. You can use, amend, or shitcan. If you would like a copy, use the Contact page to send us a note, and we will respond. It’s tricky to create a download of a spreadsheet on the site. Or maybe not so much tricky as tricky for us.

We can send everything in one spreadsheet with the different tools in separate tabs. We use them in separate files just because it’s easier to toggle between files than between tabs.

Understand that these sheets are taking the same information and creating different views. It will seem like we are creating the same sheet over and over, and in some ways that’s true. However, we need different views of the data to see different things.

#1. Individual Submission Tracking

This one helps visualize each piece: How many times it has been submitted, where it has been submitted, and the result (assuming it hasn’t found a home yet). Essentially, you have a certain percent chance of getting published with each submission. In order to find a home, you likely need to submit to more than several places, and this sheet can help you to see each piece’s progression.

#2 Response Tracking

We use this as two tabs in a sheet in order to see which pieces are getting into the right zone. This has open pieces, genres, journals, and dates out, and you can watch individual submissions climb their way toward a more likely acceptance. You will eventually use your own history with journal response time to gauge against a new submission to the same journal, but to start, you can use what we have developed.

This tab communicates with another tab, which tracks rejections. The rejection tab aggregates response time by all submissions and tells the open tracking tab where the right zone is. Tedious, we know, but you’ll get it when you see it.

#3 Total Submission View

This is yet another slice that is color-coded to keep us from sending multiple submissions to the same journal. It also helps us take advantage of Reject +s and not miss any good spots.

Whew. I think that’s it.